Here’s why you need a premises liability lawyer

Here’s why you need a premises liability lawyer

You suffered injuries in a freak accident that happened on someone else’s property. This could be something like getting injured from falling debris because construction work was on, or you could have injured yourself on a slippery floor with no warning signs. These are called slip & fall accidents, and the liability, depending on the circumstances, may fall on the premise owner. Proving that the property owner was negligent is never easy, and you need a reliable premises liability lawyer to prove your case. Here’s why lawyering up is so necessary. 

Evaluating your claim

Where did the accident happen? Was it on some random property such as a shopping mall? Or did you get injured at your workplace? In the case of the latter, you will need to file a worker’s compensation claim, while for some incidents at workplaces, it is also possible to sue a third party for their share of negligence. Your lawyer can help evaluate if you have a premises liability claim and whether the claim is worth the legal battle ahead.  

Investigating the accident

Just because you say that you have a premises liability claim is not enough. You need to present evidence and prove the fault of the accused, and the burden of proof for PI claims is always on the claimant. An attorney can investigate the accident, talk to accident reconstruction experts, and even doctors to get key details. A skilled injury doctor can testify about your injuries, while reconstruction of the accident can help explain how the incident had happened. Your lawyer knows how to deal with all of that. 

Representing you in court

Most premises liability claims don’t need a trial. Going to court and fighting a long legal battle requires time, money, and effort, and it can be a draining process for all parties involved. However, if your lawyer finds that the other party is unlikely to negotiate or make a favorable offer, they may approach the court. Not all lawyers are trial lawyers, and you must choose the right legal team with experience in premises liability claims. 

No immediate financial hassles

You are mistaken if you are worried that your lawyer will ask for a hefty fee to fight your premises liability case. Lawyers only charge a fee when you win, and that’s called a simple contingency arrangement, which is the norm for most personal injury claims. 

Let an attorney evaluate whether you can and should pursue your premises liability claim. 

Georgianna Ramirez