How Do You Avoid Pedestrian Collisions?

How Do You Avoid Pedestrian Collisions?

Road accidents are a leading cause of injuries and deaths. Pedestrian collisions or accidents are particularly dangerous as it leads to fatal injuries as compared to the safety of a motor vehicle. Therefore, while walking on the road, pedestrians must take precautions to prevent accidents and reduce the chances of injuries. The vehicles on the road should also be vigilant while driving and take precautions to prevent pedestrian collisions. Also, effective measures are to be taken to safeguard pedestrians by taking into account the causes of such accidents and finding sustainable strategies to address them. 

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Reduce vehicle speed: Speed management measures should be taken seriously. People who do not adhere to the speed limits should be warned and fined. These measures should be combined with reducing pedestrian exposure to vehicular traffic. This is the most effective way to control traffic and reduce pedestrian collisions.

Pedestrian visibility: Lack of visibility causes pedestrian accidents too. Some ways to increase visibility on the roads are by wearing bright clothes, wearing reflectors on your clothes, and using a flashlight at night. Try to avoid wearing dark colors at night as vehicles might not see you. By increasing your visibility on the road, you give drivers the time to react and avoid collisions. 

Cross the street carefully: When crossing streets, you as a pedestrian need to be extremely careful and alert. The best way to cross the street is to take the designated crosswalk. These crosswalks have markings and signs to alert the drivers beforehand. Do not cross the road at any other place as it might surprise the driver on the road and give him less time to react, which will cause a pedestrian collision.

Do not drive under the influence: This measure is to be taken by both the pedestrian and the driver. Alcohol and drugs impair your motor skills. It can cause distractions and hallucinations. As a pedestrian, if you are under the influence and accidentally walk out into the road, it will surely lead to a pedestrian collision. 

Pedestrian collision is a type of personal injury. If you or your loved one face such an accident, then get in touch with a personal injury attorney immediately. The lawyer will represent you in settlement negotiations and personal injury lawsuits. As a pedestrian, you should also ensure that you are obeying traffic rules, taking preventive safety measures, and being cautious. 

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