Is it relevant to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer in Yuma?

Is it relevant to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer in Yuma?

As someone who has suffered injuries on the job in Yuma or has been diagnosed with an occupational disease, you should focus on your workers’ compensation claim. While the system in Arizona is pretty upfront, injured workers often don’t get the compensation they deserve, often because they never knew what to do with the claim in the first place. If you are unsure of your rights, you can click here to know more. In this post, we are discussing why it is relevant to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer.

Get free initial advice

If you need help reviewing your claim or evaluating the workers’ compensation system, hiring an attorney is your best bet. The good news is many attorneys will gladly offer a free initial consultation, and you can at least get a fair assessment. They can also advise you on the compensation and benefits you deserve and will guide you on how to file a claim, even when you don’t want to hire them right away.

Accurate filing

It is always better to file your workers’ compensation claim accurately on the first attempt. From the initial documentation to ensuring that all deadlines are adhered to, the lawyer will take care of the steps as you take time off and heal at home. You can avoid a denial because of minute errors. While you always have the option of appealing against the carrier’s decision, it is best to keep things in check.

Avoid the stress

This point is certainly a no-brainer. You should hire a workers’ compensation lawyer because you are already reeling under the stress of your injuries. You don’t want to take new things on your to-do list when you don’t have the energy to do so. Get an attorney who is already experienced with such claims and knows what to do from the time of the mishap/diagnosis.

Appeals and representation

Even when the initial claim is denied, there is enough scope to take further legal steps. Your lawyer will file an appeal and represent you during the hearing. They will be your advocate and ensure you don’t settle the workers’ compensation case for anything less.

If you are worried about the costs of hiring an attorney, remember that someone could work on a contingency arrangement too. Also, workers’ compensation lawyers charge a much lower percentage compared to what injury lawyers usually ask for, especially for cases like car accidents.

Clare Louise