How Long Will Your Personal Injury Case Take to Settle in Glastonbury?

How Long Will Your Personal Injury Case Take to Settle in Glastonbury?

Whenever a victim files for a personal injury claim with a Glastonbury personal injury lawyer, one of the common questions that victims ask is, ‘how long will my personal injury claim take to settle?’

Every personal injury case differs from one case to another. Due to this, it is impossible to determine the exact time it will take for your case to settle. While many personal injury cases are settled quickly out of court, many unfortunate factors can delay the settlement process. Therefore, your lawyer will be one of the best advisors to determine how long your claim will take to settle your case and ensure you get compensation as quickly as possible. 

Steps involved in a personal injury settlement claim. 

  • Meeting a personal injury lawyer and initiating a claim. 

You should first speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer and discuss your case with them. You should provide all the evidence you have collected to show your lawyer. After your lawyer reviews your case, they will help you initiate a personal injury claim. A lawyer will help you with the paperwork and start the process. 

  • Compiling evidence. 

Once you initiate the claim, the insurance company and your lawyer will work to gather evidence with all the basic documents. The evidence includes medical records to prove your injuries, property damage, loss of income, punitive damages, and more. Furthermore, if the insurance company believes that you were at fault too, they will also work on compiling evidence against you. Your lawyer will need you to provide various documents and information during this time. So, ensure to cooperate with your lawyer to fasten the process. 

  • The negotiation process may begin. 

Most personal injury claims are settled before they go to trial. The insurance company will offer you a settlement offer for your injuries during the negotiation process. Your lawyer will discuss it with you and review the offer. If the offer is insufficient, your lawyer will negotiate with the company about the possible amount. Furthermore, note that your lawyer is allowed to have informal discussions about your claim, but they cannot accept the settlement amount without your consent. If both the parties come to a fair settlement offer, you will be asked to sign a negotiation agreement and settle the claim. 

  • The case may go to trial. 

In unfortunate circumstances, when you and the other party cannot come to a mutual settlement, the case will go to trial, where your lawyer will represent your case to the court. The jury will decide the liability and settlement amount during the trial. 

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