Can I file a personal injury lawsuit in New Hampshire if I was injured in a fight?

Can I file a personal injury lawsuit in New Hampshire if I was injured in a fight?

If you have been injured in a fight with someone and you are injured badly, you can file a lawsuit at a law firm in New Hampshire. If the person on your opposite side has started a fight, then you can contact a New Hampshire injury lawyer to know about the rights and procedure of how the case is going to proceed. The lawsuit you can file is a battery lawsuit against the person attacking you. The attorney will help you get compensation for your injuries and also claim compensation for the hard time you had to go through. 

What will the personal injury attorney do?

If you are unsure about the person’s identity, your injury attorney will help you identify them. Apart from that, the lawyer will assess the severity of your injuries and decide what charges will be pressed on the attacker. If your injuries are serious and take a long time to recover, then suing the person is the right decision. Suppose you have lost a family member in a fight; ask your lawyer whether they take cases that involve death too. 

How to choose a good personal injury lawyer?

There are certain factors that you must keep in mind while choosing a personal injury lawyer. The first is the experience of the lawyer. Before talking to a lawyer, look for their experience along with their credentials. A lawyer with good academics and long years of experience will be an added advantage for you. Only experience will not work. You need to look for the percentage of cases they have won that involve battery cases. The higher the winning percentage, the higher your chances of getting justice. However, ask them about their fee structure, whether they accept fees hourly or take a percentage from the compensation you will receive. 


Battery cases can be mild to severe. Do your research about the lawyers you will be talking to thoroughly. Also, you may take advice from your near and dear ones while choosing a lawyer. You can also review social media and Google to look for a review of the victims who got a favorable outcome. Be safe on the streets or anywhere; the best thing you can do is learn self-defense. Self-defense is a skill that will never let you down.

Georgianna Ramirez