4 Things You Should Ask Your Burn Injury Lawyer in Los Angles

4 Things You Should Ask Your Burn Injury Lawyer in Los Angles

As you consider hiring a lawyer for a burn injury settlement, there are a few essential things to check up on first. Before you jump into a complicated case or a situation that you really didn’t think about beforehand, it is best to do your research and ask some key questions.

Though your queries are not limited in any way and you can continue to ask many other questions, this article will cover 4 open-ended questions you should ask your burn injury lawyer in Los Angeles before you begin the case. 

What are my chances of success?

Expectation versus reality needs to be put in check. We might have our own idea of what we are getting into but your lawyer is the one with the expertise who can give you a more realistic picture. After going over all the details of your burn injury and how it came to happen, ask your lawyer what your chances are of a settlement so that you can see right away if it is worth attempting to pursue. 

What is your experience?

Just because someone has the title of “Lawyer” does not mean that they are well suited to your case. To give yourself better chances of success and to ensure that they are giving you the best advice, ask them what their bun injury case experience is like.

This should be an easy question for them to answer but if there is a great deal of hesitation then it is likely that this is not their main field of experience. 

What is my potential settlement?

To evaluate the situation, not only do you need to know if the settlement is possible but also what kind of settlement you are likely to get as a result. If it largely outweighs the legal fees and costs and you have a good shot at success then it is a wise route to go down.

However, if you find that despite the possible success, the potential settlement is somewhere around what the legal process will cost you then it may not be worth your time. 

How long is the settlement procedure?

No one can know with complete certainty how long it will take to get your settlement. However, through your lawyer’s extensive Los Angeles case experience, they will have seen so many of these burn injury cases and will be able to provide you with an estimated time frame for the legal proceedings. 

Duane Curry