Who Will Pay You After a Truck accident?

Who Will Pay You After a Truck accident?

A truck accident can be very destructive and hazardous. As these massive vehicles travel at high speeds, they can destroy a car in a crash. While the damage to other vehicles is enormous, in most cases, these vast vehicles barely face damage. The aftermath of the truck accident could result in confused victims, especially if the truck diver were the at-fault party. Perhaps you must wonder who will pay the compensation for the damages and injuries you face in the truck accident.

Suppose you have been involved in a truck accident; immediately contact a skilled truck accident lawyer. Your lawyer will help you determine who should pay you and ensure you get the total compensation for the damages and injuries you faced in the truck accident. 

However, read the below information to figure out who owes you compensation after a truck accident. 

The employer of the truck driver

According to the law, if a truck driver is an employee at an agency, the agency is responsible for any damages or mishaps caused by the on-duty truck driver, so if you consider, the employer of the truck is liable for any damages that you faced during the accident. And they will have to give you the compensation you deserve because of the negligence of their truck driver. 

However, many truck drivers do not work directly for an employer; instead, they work as contractors. Now, individual contractors have comparatively more freedom than drivers who operate under employers. The law will not hold the employer accountable for a mistake made by a contractor. 

An individual contractor is a truck driver who owns a private vehicle, maintains it with their own money, and gets paid by the employer according to the projects assigned to them. If this is the case with your truck accident, getting compensation for the damages you faced from the employer or company they work for can be challenging. 

The truck driver itself

Another essential factor to consider is whether the truck driver followed all the rules and maps provided by the company. For example, if, for some reason, the driver decided to go from a different route of detours and is on the way to his home, the company might deny your claim and ask you to deal with the driver directly. 

While it is pretty challenging to seek compensation after a truck accident, a professional and experienced truck accident attorney can connect all the links and get you the compensation you need to cover all the damages and injuries procured during the accident. 

Georgianna Ramirez