What Can You Expect If You Have Filed A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

What Can You Expect If You Have Filed A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Personal injury litigation is a legal process to receive the compensation for injuries and damages you receive after getting injured in an accident due to the negligence of someone else. It may be a lengthy and stressful process that can take away your night’s sleep. As they say, there is hope in every case, you should be positive about winning the case. For this, you must hire Salt Lake City Personal Injury Lawyers, who can make things easier for you. Some of the expected outcomes after filing the personal injury case are mentioned below:

There are costs associated with the case

Your lawyer will charge you based on the contingency agreement but you need to be prepared for other costs as well. It should be noted that the costs might include court fees, postal & stamp charges and others. You can feel a bit relieved because your lawyer pays these expenses. After the case is won, the compensation will be awarded to the lawyer. He will pay you the amount by deducting his fees and these charges. This is how personal injury litigation works. Your lawyer might inform you about all these right from the start.

The litigation has several stages

Personal injury litigation may have to go through several stages before the final verdict is given out. Some of these stages are mentioned below:

  • Complaint- The complaint is filed with all details such as your injuries, mistakes of the at-fault party and the amount you seek.
  • Discovery- At this stage, the supporting documents are discovered which can be used during trials.
  • Disposition- Several questions may be asked at this stage and parties need to be prepared to give the right answers. They may be recorded to be used later at the time of cross-examination.
  • Mediation- The attorneys of both parties and insurance companies meet to figure out whether a fair settlement can be reached.  It could be the best option for both parties if they agree on the same terms.
  • The trial- In case, both parties don’t agree, the litigation will proceed to the next stage, which is the trial. The jury and judge will give the final verdict on the case.

The insurance company will always keep a check on whether you will make a mistake during any stage of the case. That’s why, it is suggested to keep your attorney with you during hearings. 

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