Misconceptions About Truck Accident Claims You Need To Know

Misconceptions About Truck Accident Claims You Need To Know

Truck accidents are usually more devastating than passenger car accidents. The victim walks away with impactful injuries, some of which may even be permanent. If you have been in a truck accident, you can recover compensation with the help of an injury attorney louisville

However, be aware of the various truck accident myths on the internet. Most people search the internet to educate themselves about the law. The misinformation in online legal articles can prevent you from recovering the true compensation amount that you deserve. Speak to an attorney today to protect your rights. 

Misconceptions about truck accident claims 

  • It is impossible to recover compensation from big trucking companies. 

Sure, big trucking companies may seem scary when you are a single individual going up against them. Moreover, these companies are rich enough to hire the best lawyers in the country to defeat you in court. However, that does not mean you do not have any chances to win. 

At the end of the day, only that party wins who has the strongest evidence. Work with your attorney to gather proof of your innocence. An experienced attorney will be able to help you establish liability and bring home compensation. 

  • Truckers are safe drivers. 

Trucking companies in Louisville are required to conduct a thorough background check before hiring a driver. Then, they are supposed to provide them with enough training before letting them drive on the road. All these factors may lead one to think that truckers are safe drivers, but they are not always. 

While truckers are required to get a commercial driving license, they do not need to go through extensive training to get it. In fact, truck drivers are often found violating the traffic laws by speeding, running red lights, driving while tired and distracted, etc. 

  • Truck accident claims take years to solve. 

Most court cases take a lot of time to get resolved. It could take anywhere between a few weeks to months to years before you can get your hands on the insurance money. However, this does not mean every truck accident claim takes years. In fact, some claims do not even make it to court and are settled privately between the parties. It all depends on your attorney. 

Hiring the right attorney is crucial, especially for this reason. An attorney who wants the best for you will try to negotiate a settlement outside of court and finalize the case as soon as possible. However, they will also keep your best interests in mind while doing so. A money-hungry attorney will drag the case just to earn more money. 

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