Do Not Believe These Misconceptions About Bicycle Crashes 

Do Not Believe These Misconceptions About Bicycle Crashes 

When compared with trucks, motorbikes, and passenger car vehicles, bicycles seem like the safest option. However, bicycle accidents still do exist and can inflict significant physical and financial harm upon the victim. To make matters worse, people have come with various misconceptions about bikes and bike crashes. 

Bicycle accident victims who believe in these misconceptions unknowingly jeopardize their own claim and reduce the chances of winning compensation. Clearing the misconceptions and learning about the truth can protect you from ruining your chances. If you have already made a mistake, allow an Atlanta bicycle accident attorney to review your case and see if you have any options left. 

Bicycle accident myths

  • Bicyclists do not belong on the road. 

Even though bicycles do not work on motors as cars and trucks do, they still have the same rights as motor vehicles do. When you are riding a bicycle, you are entitled to use the road just as any other motor vehicle. Therefore, anyone who says that bicycles do not belong on the road is only trying to trick you into withdrawing your claim. Additionally, using sidewalks for bicycling is illegal for people over 12 years of age. 

  • In bicycle accidents, usually, the bicyclist is at fault. 

It is a common misconception that most bicyclists are not aware of the traffic laws and do not abide by them. Therefore, bicyclists are always at fault in accidents. However, it is not right to generalize and assume that every bicyclist is a lawbreaker. 

In a bicycle and motor vehicle accident, the driver usually walks away with little to no injuries while the bicyclist suffers. They may be left with catastrophic injuries, soft tissue damage, spinal cord injury, etc. Some of these injuries are permanent and may change the life of the victim forever. 

  • Slower speeds can eliminate accidents. 

While it is true that everyone should operate their vehicles at the recommended speed and should not Overspeed, accidents can happen in both situations. Children on bicycles can get injured even when they ride their bikes very slowly because there are countless careless drivers on the road. Even a car going at 10 miles an hour hitting your child can result in injuries. 

  • Riding on the sidewalk is safer than riding on the street. 

In Atlanta, Georgia, people over the age of 12 are not allowed to ride their bikes on the sidewalk. Sidewalks are mainly used for walking, and adults riding their bikes can injure people using the space for walking. Moreover, it is also dangerous because most motorists do not expect bicycles on the sidewalk. Therefore, they might not check when backing out of their driveways or turning at an intersection. 

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